Safety Checks for Children During Trick-or-Treating

You probably know by now that children love Halloween. They look forward to walking around at night in costume as they trick-or-treat. However, as a parent, is your kid protected? We at Benson Chrysler Jeep Dodge have a few safety precautions to ensure that your children stay safe as they go from house to house hunting for candy.

• Have your children wear comfortable shoes so that they don’t trip while walking.
• Ensure that when your children are choosing a route, they stick to places they are familiar with.
• If possible, avoid masks as they deter vision. Most preferably, they should do face paintings instead.
• When picking out costumes, ensure that they fit well, make sure they are not too long for your child.
• The costumes need to have reflective tape for easier visibility.
• As the night comes to an end, sort your child’s candy to ensure that all candy has an original wrapper.

We are pleased to wish you a mind-blowing Halloween full of good happenings.
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