Preparing to Take Back the Car After the Lease End

Getting a car under a lease is a convenient way to use different cars over time. It is advantageous to many people since you pay relatively less than you would when buying. However, the joy comes to an end when the lease of the vehicle is coming to an end. Most people are confused on what to do. At Benson Chrysler Jeep Dodge, here are some components to consider to help you prepare for the transaction.

First, conduct a pre-inspection of your car. Be sure that there isn’t significant damage to the vehicle. The vehicle should remain in good condition.

Once you return the car, you can choose the following options:

• To extend the lease on the car

• To lease a new car

• To buy the car

Our warm customer agents at our location in Greer, SC, will accord you a friendly reception and guide you accordingly.

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