Should I Purchase a 4WD or AWD Vehicle for Towing and Performance

There are many people who enjoy the added stability and maneuverability of all-wheel drive cars. They like the fact that they are no longer limited to only front-wheel drive and instead can have all-wheel drive. This allows the vehicle to maintain traction on the road better and hit tighter curves.

A four-wheel drive vehicle is great for driving on uneven terrains, such as mountain trails, and they are very effective at pulling trailers. One would not typically pull a trailer with an all-wheel-drive passenger car, but there are sport utility vehicles that are all wheel drive that come with towing packages.

Depending on what your preferences are, whether you are towing or want performance, you can find many of the latest makes and models of both platforms at Benson Chrysler Jeep Dodge conveniently located in Greer. We can assist you in your decision-making process of choosing a vehicle that is right for you.
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