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Which is Right for You and Your Next Jeep? Purchasing or Leasing?

You've found the New Jeep or Used Jeep to suit you and your lifestyle, but should you lease or buy? 


  • Lower Payments -- Get your brand-new Jeep home with more money in your pocket.
  • Easy Upgrades -- It's easy to turn in your old lease and get a new one. Perfect for people who live for that new car smell and the latest tech.


  • Jeep Mods -- You can make any modifications you want--upgraded shocks, stereo systems, spotlights, lift kits--you're free to customize your Jeep as much as you'd like.
  • Buy Pre-Owned -- When you purchase a vehicle…
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How To Get Advanced Information Prior to Your New Car Visit to The Dealership

Now you don't have to wonder just how much you have to pay for a new or used car when you make your way to the dealership. You can look at all of the great buys with the confidence that money is not going to be the obstacle. You will be able to look at the purchase of your new vehicle in a new way.

Imagine really enjoying the moment when you peruse all of the new options, colors, and styles when you are car shopping. Don't take it for granted that you have all of your options…
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Why get Gap Insurance?

Benson Chrysler Dodge Jeep always has our customers' best interests in mind, which is why we're here to tell you about GAP insurance. What is GAP Insurance? Gap Insurance(Guaranteed Asset Protection), is insurance that protects you from the difference in what you owe for the car and what the Insurance agency says your car is worth.


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For example, you've been saving for years to get the exact car you want and the day has finally arrived. You proudly walk into the dealershi

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Find Affordable Auto Insurance in Greer with a New Jeep SUV

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Determining your auto insurance rates involves many different factors, including your age, gender, and accident history—but most of those, you can't control. One important factor you can control is the model of car you drive.

To take the guesswork out, compared insurance rates for over 2,800 different models, averaging offers from six different companies, in all 50 states.

What they found may surprise many car shoppers: the Jeep Renegade Sport, Jeep Wrangler Black Bear, Jeep Compass, Jeep Cherokee Sport, and Jeep Patriot Sport all ranked in the Top 10 Least Expensive...

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Convenience is Key in the All-New Chrysler Pacifica

What is the most frequently asked question of a child on a long car trip? If you guessed its, “are we there yet?” you’d be right. Who hasn’t answered that inquiry at least 29 times on a family vacation?

With the all-new Chrysler Pacifica, kids can keep track of their progress en route with a new app called, “Are We There Yet?” The app ties directly into the Pacifica’s navigation system, providing kids with the most recent information about location.

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