Diesel Versus Gas Work Trucks

South Carolina businesses and contractors rely on pickup trucks for many different sorts of tasks. Buyers looking for a new work vehicle enjoy the wide range of abilities available on modern pickup trucks. Diesel trucks, especially, are known for their strong towing capacity and fuel economy. But are diesel trucks always better than their gasoline-driven variants? Which pickup truck should Greenville contractors choose, diesel or gas?

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Diesel Advantages

Pickup trucks can perform a wide range of tasks. Yet they are perhaps best known for their ability to tow small trailers and haul heavy loads. While specifics vary across vehicles, this ability to pull equipment and drag away dirty materials make the pickup truck market popular for commercial buyers.

With high torque outputs from slower-running engines, diesel pickup trucks are essentially built for towing. Diesel engines are also made in a more durable manner, so they last longer than gas while taking on hard jobs. Thus, Spartanburg-area contractors who need a pickup truck to tow heavy equipment will enjoy the added capabilities and reliability of diesel engines.

Diesel engines are also more fuel-efficient. While the RAM 1500 with Ecodiesel offers 22 city and 32 highway miles per gallon, its top gas brethren offers 20 city and 26 highway. This means that Greer-area companies who choose diesel trucks can spend more time and money on the job and less at the pump.

Gas Advantages

Of course, businesses in the Charlotte area know that while diesel has its advantages, there is still a solid market for gas pickup trucks. Though diesel is more efficient and durable than gas with more towing capacity, there are reasons why some businesses choose to go with gas.

One significant reason is that diesel engines are far more expensive than gas ones. This is because diesel engines require stronger parts. Diesel engines also require more fluids and filters than their gas counterparts, adding to operating and service costs. The added weight of these components means that diesel vehicles are heavier than gas trucks. This is why gas pickup trucks can haul heavier payloads.

As modern gas engines are more widespread than diesels in the consumer market, their capabilities have expanded significantly. Innovations such as turbochargers allow gas engines to output higher performance, while mild hybrid systems enhance fuel economy. Thus, while diesel engines are still stronger and more capable overall, the gap between the two types is rapidly narrowing.



Diesel and gas engines are both popular features in the modern commercial pickup truck space. Each engine type has its own specific strengths and different optimal uses. And modern innovations have brought the capabilities of gas engines much closer to their diesel counterparts. With these facts in mind, South Carolina businesses should talk to a local pickup truck dealer to determine whether diesel or gas vehicles are the proper choice.

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