RAM has always been an innovator in the pickup truck realm, and with the release of the 2019 RAM 1500 they've set the bar higher than ever. So high, in fact, that Motor Trend has named the 2019 RAM 1500 its Truck of the Year. This is based on a wide range of factors that they evaluated, and the RAM 1500 had reviewers gushing over its features, construction, and capability. We're going to take a look at some of the design choices that have made the 2019 RAM 1500 Motor Trend's Truck of the Year.

Truck of the Year: Innovation Upon Innovation

Looking at a list of the 2019 RAM 1500's accomplishments reads like a best-of. It offers best-in-class V8 towing, the most comfortable ride in the class, and the greatest luxury ever offered in a pickup truck. While those factors certainly make the RAM 1500 one of the best trucks on the market today, the Motor Trend reviewers went deeper.

They started off looking at the RAM's style, saying, "Best-in-class: sophisticated without going over the top." One thing RAM has done with the all-new 2019 1500, is vary the style based on trim level. The RAM 1500 Rebel got the most praise from the Motor Trend group in terms of style, with one stating, "I love the styling. It's like the Viper of Rams." Of course, style might not be the most important consideration for potential buyers, but luckily the group had just as high of praise for the RAM 1500's features and luxury.

Reviewers were amazed not just by the workmanship of the 2019 RAM 1500's interior, but by the material choices and overall design. One of the lead editors was particularly blown away, saying, "GM has to be kidding, going up against this with the High Country and Denali. This is a luxury interior. Look at this wood! This leather! The metal, stitching, design, attention to detail! The leather on the grab handles! Cadillac could learn a thing or two by spending an afternoon in this cabin."

Remember, he's talking about a full-size pickup truck, normally known more for their toughness and capability than their luxury. And don't worry, RAM won over the judges on that front as well.

Impressive Driving & Capability

When deciding on their Truck of the Year, Motor Trend weighs innovation and improvements heavily. So they look not only at the truck's actual capability, but at how much it has improved over the previous generation. When it comes to the 2019 RAM 1500, they found significant improvements across the board when it came to driving and towing.

One of the big features that RAM has highlighted with this new generation is its eTorque system. While other pickups have offered cylinder-shutoff technology in the past, RAM has taken it to a new level. Not only does it have way more options for how it adjusts cylinder usage, it also stores energy in a small electric motor. So it not only serves to save fuel when not engaging on all cylinders, it also increases torque. This is an impressive innovation, and pairs to an all-new transmission that maximizes low-end power. For anyone who has had to stop and start when towing a heavy trailer, this system will improve how efficiently the engine is used, and get them going more quickly.

Motor Trend was also impressed with what RAM has done with the new 1500's overall construction. Not only did they use stronger, more rigid steel, they also managed to increase the length of the truck while lowering weight. This is a clear demonstration of how much work RAM put into the redesign of the RAM 1500.

This construction has also had a big impact on the 2019 RAM 1500's capability. With a maximum tow rating of 12,750 pounds, RAM leads the class in V8 towing, and employs an array of technology to make it easier than ever. Both suspensions offered on the RAM 1500, coil spring and air, are considered the most comfortable in their class. And due to their design, they don't sacrifice capability for comfort.

The Motor Trend reviewers put it well when they said, "No pickup in the segment better balances capability, efficiency, value, and quality."

Try the Truck of the Year for Yourself

If you've been shopping for a pickup truck, it's hard to ignore the immense praise that the 2019 RAM 1500 has received from Motor Trend. It truly is the truck of the year, and demands a test drive from anyone looking for a new pickup truck. You can check out our inventory of 2019 RAM 1500 pickup trucks above, and schedule a test drive at your convenience. Once you try one, you'll find that nothing else on the market truly compares.